This page contains info about scripts:

Zlating selection tools

Tekla structures selection tool which allow to manage parts and assembliesScript from Zlat Engineering  – beautiful tools for quick search and select through Tekla models for parts and assemblies by they Position number, ID or GUID.

Tekla Custom Inquire MacroScript

Tekla Structures custom inquire toolSmall script which allows to get info about selected items. It’s example of how to use Tekla Open API Model Events. Works with all Tekla versions. Could be setup in any text editor.

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Tekla Objects unlock by macro script

Tekla Structures There are locked objects, see report. The operation could not be performedUsefull tool which will give you full control of locked objects in the model. No need to specific .inp. No need to search for tiny bolt or weld stich which lock assemblyes and etc.

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