Tekla Web View with Bolts by TeklaAPI

Issue – Tekla BIM sight provided all information, but weight of each particular model is actually big (because it’s IFC file actually, see more).

However, Tekla provides also Tekla Web View application which using xml format to show 3d model – it’s 5-10 times smaller and works faster, but there is no way to export presentation of required bolts.

Tekla Web View with Bolts Included

After Playing with TeklaAPI and Tekla Web View xml format push me to update information of web view with related bolts.

Seems that this could be Cheapest and fastest way to share model with colleagues.

As well it could be used to freeze design.


2 thoughts on “Tekla Web View with Bolts by TeklaAPI

  1. Ben January 11, 2018 at 10:55 am

    hi Mikhail – looks interesting. Would you be able to elaborate on it ?

    • DonJad January 21, 2018 at 11:13 am

      Sure but, maybe you give me a clue what might be interesing?

      Right now I have a programm toolset which allows to do all sort of things with Tekla Web View XML model (Combine, split, append, modify, filter and even move elements)

      This bolt thing is a part of that solution. Actually right now I’m one step from push this back to Tekla, just do not have such tasks.

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